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    Welcome New Users

    Post by HimS on Tue Mar 19, 2013 11:51 pm

    Hi And Welcome To The Best Torrent Links And Warez Links On The Web Let Me Start Off By Thanking U For Joining This Site! The SIte Rules Are Posted In The Forum Please Read Them Carefuly And Go By Them They Are Not Hard Rules To Follow! Next This Site Is New And Is Still In Test Mode So If U Have Any Problems Or Ideas That Would Benifit This Site In Any Way Please Post Them In The Site Problems & Ideas And Last As U May have Seen On The Home Page We Do Not Host Any Torrents Or Warez Products Directly , U Can Not Download Any Of Them On Our Site We Only Post Links (For Now!) So If U Think That There Is A Copyright Problem That Is Not Or Problem We Are Not Responsble For Any Copright Infragment Charges! So Follow Those SImple Rules And Enjoy The Site

    Thank U And Enjoy
    UltraFastTorrent Team

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